I saw something a few minutes ago that absolutely floored me it was so stupid.  On Breitbart.tv there’s a video of her talking about Obamacare on 3/09/10 at the 2010 Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties where she says something so incredibly stupid that my brain is still reeling from the total “DUH” of it.

Here’s what she said:

“But we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”

(If you doubt she actually said that here’s a link to the text of her speech where you can check for yourself.)

My reaction is on par with most of the comments on that page . . . Are you kidding me?

I actually had to watch it twice because i could hardly believe what I was hearing.  She actually expects us to agree to pass that Obamanation in order to find out what’s in it?  That’s right up there with buying a house in order to find out if it’s got roaches!

HELLO, McFly?  Anybody home?

I’ll grant that most people, myself included, don’t know ALL of what’s in that damned thing but we DO know enough of what’s in it that we know we DON’T want it passed!!

The one good thing that could come of this unbelievably stupid remark is that perhaps finally she’ll get voted out of office once and for all!!!

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