For the last several years I’ve been using one broken down second hand wooden kitchen chair bought at a garage sale after another at my computer desk.  While most of them have lasted at least six to eight months before finally coming apart, they all end up in pieces headed for the trash after about twelve to eighteen months or so at the very most.

A big part of the problem is the fact that the things are usually fifteen to twenty years old when I start using them at my computer.  The thing is, they’re made with the idea that they’re used for maybe a total of a couple hours a day if you like to have really long meals and long conversations at the table afterward.  They are NOT made with the idea that somebody is going to be in them for twelve to eighteen hours a day, six to seven days a week.

Ergo EX High Back Desk ChairSo I’m finally going to do something about it and for once in my life get a *new* chair that is made with the idea that it’s going to get a lot of use.  This way I figure I’ve got a decent chance of it lasting for five or ten years and saving me the trouble of having to start fixing it after six months and replacing it outright within a year and a half or so.

Besides, something like this High Back Desk Chair would not only last a LOT longer than those tired old second hand straight back wooden kitchen chairs, it would also be about ninety zillion times more comfortable as well. and given that I spend as much time as I do at the computer, I don’t think for one minute that I’m being unreasonable to want something that has lots of comfort in it’s design.

Another reason I like this one’s design is because it kinda resembles a “Captain’s Chair” look and aside from being just plain cool, that could come in handy as part of a set in a video someday.

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