There’s an article on about an elderly Brooklyn couple that have had their home raided by police 50 times over a period of years.  Apparently this is all due to a computer glitch which the police claim to have finally fixed.  (yeah. right.)

The part of the story that interests me however is the poll that accompanied the story.

City’s most wanted?

Should an elderly Marine Park couple be compensated in some way because their home has been swarmed by cops more than 50 times?

Yes, it’s been a very harrowing experience for them.
No, the police were just doing their job looking for criminals.
It’s hard to say.

The part that has me wondering what the HELL people are thinking with these days.  Only 88% of the people who answered the poll voted “Yes”.  Six percent voted “No” and six more percent voted “It’s hard to say”.

I am frankly amazed that ANYBODY voted for ANYTHING other than “Yes, it’s been a very harrowing experience for them.”.  The alleged people who voted for the other two answers should see a doctor quickly and arrange for a brain implant, theirs is obviously missing.

That couple should be given NO LESS than ten million dollars to compensate them for the misery that this situation has caused them and anybody that doesn’t agree is a fucking idiot.

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