Once again the ACLU has stepped in where it isn’t wanted. All because
one parent objected to the Gideons passing out Bibles. The claim is the
usual one, that it violates church and state separation. Thing is,
there’s a few problems with that.

First, the ACLU and it’s anti-God supporters have gotten the whole thing
wrong from the first. The concept of separation of church and state was
intended to keep the state from influencing, controlling or interfering
with the church and also to prevent the establishment of an official,
mandatory state religion. It was NOT meant to hamstring people’s first
amendment right to freedom of religion OR to keep people from telling
others about their beliefs.

Second, the distribution of religious materials in and of itself can not
in any way be considered forcing religion on anyone. Nobody has been
forcing children to accept the Bibles… If somebody didn’t want one,
they’re perfectly free to not take one.

The ACLU needs to be stopped. In fact, why not have a look at http://stoptheaclu.com/

Blocking the Bible at Region 8 School

HIGHLAND, AR–Blocking the Bible, a group says a Region 8 school
was wrong when it allowed Bibles to be distributed to students. The
American Civil Liberties Union recently sent a letter to Arkansas
public schools concerning the distribution of religious materials on
school grounds.

The letter was sent out after receiving several complaints about
the Gideon’s practice of passing out Bibles to 5th graders.

According to the ACLU the letter was sent out to schools across the
state. This comes after a complaint was filed by a parent in the
Highland School District, where the Gideon’s were at the school
passing out Bibles. It’s a practice the ACLU says is unconstitutional
on school property; however residents feel it’s a practice that they
come to expect from their community.

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