One of the many campaign promises that laughing boy made in his in-freaking-terminable TWO YEAR presidential campaign was that he was going to have the most open and transparent government ever.  Well you can kiss that one goodbye.

There’s an AP story on Breitbart that blows a huge effing hole in that so-called “open government” that the smooth talking socialist wannabe idiot yammered on about for so long.

You see, there’s an exception to the Freedom of Information Act called the “deliberative process” which allows the government to “withhold records that describe its decision-making behind the scenes.”

In G.W. Bush’s last full budget year that exception was used 47,395 times.  Osama bin President was in charge for only nine months of the 2009 budget year and yet his administration managed to use it a whopping 70,779 times!!!

This is nearly TWICE what GWB’s administration did!!  Just exactly HOW is this supposed to be called an open and transparent government??

With government like this, we don’t need terrorists!

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