I have to say that I really enjoy what I do.  Not only is it stuff that I’m actually something approaching good at but it’s entertaining to me as well as those that see the finished product.  The thing is, there are times when it’s just not convenient to work at my desktop machine.  There’s other times when my poor aged desktop machine just isn’t up to the jobs that I’m asking it to do.

You see, it’s about four years old, and when I built it I used an ASRock motherboard that they’d just stopped making that year along with an AMD Sempron 2400+ that also ceased production some three or four months before I got mine on sale second hand.

ASUS G72GX-A1 LaptopIn spite of all that, at the time I built it, it was easily the fastest, most capable machine I had ever owned.  Then I got into making video and things changed quickly.  All of a sudden the machine I thought was so fast and powerful wasn’t even close to fast OR powerful.  There’s even some programs that would not even install because it didn’t have certain CPU command sets that were needed.

For a while, I had my wife’s HP laptop that I used for quite a bit but then it started acting up and finally stopped working at all, leaving me once again without a portable computer.  That’s why I’ve been doing some saving and a lot of window shopping.  This ASUS Laptop being one of the latest for me to look over.

It’s got a lot going for it.  Enough so that I could even overlook the Windows 7 that it comes with and probably set up a dual (or even triple!) boot with Kubuntu Linux

All I can say is that it’s going to be nice to be able to take my work with me again.  I got spoiled by that when my wife’s laptop was working and I’m WAY ready to get back to it.

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