Once again it’s time to do a round of upgrades to my WordPress installations, this time bringing them up to date with WordPress 2.9.2 and updating the plugins as well.  Why would I wait so long after 2.9.2 was released to bother upgrading to it?

Because frankly I’ve been burned more than once by jumping on the upgrade wagon while it was still young enough to need a steady acne pill supply.  i.e. By upgrading too soon I get to be one of those “pioneers” that have the oh so wonderful privilege of discovering that it’s got bugs in it.

So, I have long since adopted a “wait and see” attitude about software upgrades.  When a new version of something is announced I do NOT run right out and get it.  I wait for somebody ELSE to find that show stopping bug and let THEM deal with finding a fix for it.  Once the bug and it’s fix have made their way back to the developers and a new patch has been released to fix it, THEN I’ll consider doing the upgrade.

Another thing about upgrades is that there have been many times that i don’t do an “upgrade” because the changes made in it are either unnecessary or involve parts of the software that I do not use.

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