Ever since my laptop died because of what I believe was an overheating problem combined with some physical abuse that it had been subjected to before I had it, I’ve been wanting to get a replacement.  Once I had gotten used to being able to take my work with me and get things done “on the go”, going back to being tied to the desktop machine for everything was *really* difficult to do.

I’ve spent I don’t even know how many hours haunting sale pages looking for the best machine for the money I could pull together.  The big problem was that it seemed that I was never able to put enough money in one place at one time to get even a barely passable machine.

MY-Toshiba Satellite ProWell, after nearly a year and a half of looking, trying (and failing miserably) to save money things are finally changing thanks to, of all things, the IRS.  While I didn’t end up with anything near what could be called a “great” refund and in fact very nearly ended up owing taxes instead, I am actually getting a little bit of a refund.  It’s not much but it will (just barely) get this Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop.

To me this is a very significant milestone.  You see, over the years I’ve owned quite a few computers.  I’ve bought most of them second hand and I’ve even built three of them, including the one I’m using now, from parts.  However the one thing that I’ve never had is something that was actually NEW and used technology that was still reasonably current.  I’ve always been about four or five years behind technologically because the newer stuff was always out of reach.

That’s finally changing.  Not only is this machine new and thus has never been screwed around with by anyone else other than assembly line testers, it’s reasonably fast at 2.1ghz, has an intel core 2 duo CPU, 3GB of RAM a 320GB hard drive, reads & burns Cd’s & DVD’s.  The Intel Core 2 duo T6570 CPU was only launched in the second quarter of ’09 which means it’s still current technology.

It’s even got a card reader that can read the memory card from my camcorder!  Another feature I love about this is that it’s got a full size keyboard complete with number pad.  Something that I’ve noticed is very rare on laptop & notebook computers.  I’ve always hated the kludgy workarounds that laptop keyboards have used in place of a real number pad.

With it’s faster CPU and higher memory capacity I’ll be able to get more done in less time when it comes to editing and rendering video and 3D models, video effects and so on.  The best part of it is that I’ll be able to do all of this “on the go” which means I will no doubt get a lot more done in the same amount of time.

Finally, as I said before, it’s NEW.  That may not seem like a big deal to most people but it’s a major thing for me.  The last time I had a NEW computer it was in 1985 when I bought a Tandy Color Computer 3 at my local rat-shack.  I sincerely believe that I deserve a new one this time.  I’m certainly due for it!!

I can barely wait for the refund to arrive so that I can place the order!!!!

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