DRM … Digital Rights Management. It’s a term that represents
the efforts of people and corporations that own the rights to something
to protect it from illegal copying.

While it’s entirely reasonable for a movie studio or record company to
want to keep their work from being pirated, it is also entirely
reasonable that they should not be allowed to hamstring legitimate
customers. DRM (also known as Digital Rights Mangling) is in a
way kind of like large governments… Both are getting entirely out of
control and need to have the brakes put on now while we still have some
possiblity of not losing all of our rights.

DRM While There’s Still Time

ageor writes "It seems (not only) to me that DRM is about far more
than intellectual property. It’s also about monopoly and freedom of
choice. It’s one of those cases where we, the consumers, must decide
against accepting the new industry’s rules, which care only about
control and making money. The whole matter is very well put in DRM,
Vista and your rights, where you can follow the subject as deeply as
you like through the numerous relevant links."

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