As I’m sure some readers know, I have a YouTube channel called TinFoilChefDotCom where I’ve been doing a daily vlog.  Well, it appears that this channel is beginning to show signs of becoming popular.  Not only do I have over 300 subscribers with more nearly every day, my videos have been viewed over 60,000 times and while that’s nothing compared to the “A-List” YouTube personalities, it’s pretty farking cool for me.

Now somebody has taken it a step further and done something that nobody has ever done before.  They wrote a song about me!  The TinFoilChef song (embedded below) may never win a grammy but that’s ok.  I think it’s hilariously cool.

I’m just wondering if now that means I need to get a fresh insurance quote for a policy that will take into account my suddenly growing fame?  (Ok, this is the part where everybody tells me that I ain’t all that and while this is cool I am a long way from being a YouTube star.)

In any event, check out the video….

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