In a move that shows there actually ARE some governments in the world that have at least a slightly saner take on copyright law, a bill has been introduced in India that will, among other things, declare private, personal copying to be “fair dealing” (that’s their version of “fair use”) and therefore NOT illegal.

This means that if it passes, in India it will actually be legal to break DRM in order to copy something that you bought from one medium to another or to make backup copies.

It also insures that making and selling software and hardware to accomplish breaking DRM will also be legal.

Now if only US copyright law would follow suit!  That along with limiting copyright to a sane figure like the original 28 years instead of life plus 75 years (thanks for NOTHING Disney!) would make for actual sanity when it comes to copyright law.  It would also save a lot of people a lot of money in legal fees over something simple like breaking DRM on a DVD so that you can make a backup copy and / or put it on your computer or another media for convenient playing.

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