I’ve been getting ready for when my new laptop arrives, organizing and making backups of files that I am going to want copies of on it.

In doing so I have come to the conclusion that Even DVD’s no longer have enough capacity to be convenient.  I say this because I have determined that there is about sixty gigabytes of stuff that I need to make backup copies of both so that it can be preserved and so that it can be copied to the laptop hard drive when the time comes.

32gb Flash DriveI came to the conclusion that this backup operation is going to take a minimum of eight single layer DVD’s to hold everything.  I’ve been building my library of graphics, video clips and sound files for about a year and a half now and it shows.

After having my first backup DVD turn out to be a coaster I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s going to be a lot easier, faster and more reliable to just get a couple of high capacity flash drives and keep everything on them.

This whole storage thing gives me a good case of “remember when”.  I’m remembering when DVD and CD-ROM drives weren’t an issue and if you wanted offline storage and couldn’t find or afford a large capacity tape drive then your only option was get a stack of floppies on sale somewhere and hope that they were good.

Anybody care to guess how many 3.5 inch floppies it would take to hold 60 gigs?  How about the single sided, single density 5.25 inch floppies that were in use when I got my first computer?  And I don’t even want to THINK about how much cassette tape it would take or how long they’d take to write and read (data was stored on them at about 1500 bits per second or so if I remember right)

I’m also wondering what storage capacity will be like twenty years from now.  How much will something the size of a current day flash drive be able to hold then?  Terabytes?  Exabytes?  More?!?

In any event, I am definitely up for some high capacity flash drives.  They’ve proven to be a LOT easier to deal with than any kind of disks other than a full size hard drive.

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