Well it seems that Iron Man 2 is finally out and from what I have seen in reviews so far it looks like it’s going to be doing very well.  How well?  Lets just say that I kinda wish that i was a merchant account reseller for Iron Man 2 merchandising.  If I were, I’m certain that I could easily make a fantastic fortune off of it.

As usual I will not actually be seeing the movie until it is eventually released on DVD.  That’s because for one thing, there is only one theater around here and if I’m going to pay that much to see a movie then I want to own a copy of it.  For another, even if I did want to go to this theater, it wouldn’t have Iron Man 2 until a month or two after it shows up in wallyworld anyway.

If you haven’t seen it or the reviews of it, here’s a good review that absolutely does not contain any spoilers that will “ruin” it for you.

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