Trusted Computing 2.0?

January 29th, 2007 | Posted in Humor, Internet, Last Days, Privacy, Security, Technology | Comments Off on Trusted Computing 2.0?

I realize that This was originally meant mostly to be funny, but I can’t
help but wonder how close to the truth this gets? Between DRM and both
governments and corporations wanting to control everything that even
might affect them….

—– Anonymous —– 2007.01.29 – 02:33:44GMT —–

Trusting Computing 2.0 has eliminated the analog hole by changing
the way the consumer
receives sensory input. At birth, children
now undergo minor surgical procedures to remove both the eyes and
ears. Digital
neural interfaces are implanted as
replacements to ensure that no
malicious or unauthorized input
reaches the brain. This newest advance allows the
corporations to safeguard their intellectual property in
all forms whether it be music, movies or ideas.

This quote is from an anonymous message posted on a message board based
within freenet. Will we have to resort to technology like freenet to
preserve our ability to think for ourselves I think it’s likely.

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