There’s a news story that’s guaranteed to piss you off if you’re a patriotic American.

Seems that some kids were kicked off of their school campus in the San Francisco bay area . . . For wearing American flag bandannas and American flag T-shirts!!

Why did this happen?  Because it’s “Cinco de Mayo”, a Mexican holiday, and that school has a large population of Mexican-American students.

This is absolute pure bullshit.  Several Mexican-American students also went so far as to say that they think these kids should apologize.  I say screw the apology.  You may have Mexican heritage but in this country you are first and foremost an American.  Your heritage is in the past, where you are NOW is the present and that takes precedence over the past any day.

The thing that gripes me even more than this happening in the first place is that if a group of kids with American heritage going to school in Mexico were to wear Mexican flag t-shirts and bandannas on an American heritage day that nobody would blink an eye.

Why is it that double standards are commonplace and considered ok if they go against Americans but not if they go against anybody else?

Final word: This is America.  If you don’t like that little fact, LEAVE!!!

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