Not only did I get a real surprise this morning at Mickey-D’s, that surprise was NOT dead rat embedded in my food!

I had a few errands to run and decided to take my new laptop with me and stop at my local McNasty’s for some coffee and a couple of those breakfast burritos that I haven’t had in half of forever.

I got my food and found an empty table.  After getting the food opened up I then opened up the laptop and connected to the free wi-fi that they provide and proceeded to check a few things on the web before taking yet another look at a script that I’ve been trying to work on for a few weeks now.  That’s when the surprise comes in.

It was early mid morning and the place was full.  Everybody in there was talking like they were the only one worth listening to… normal busy fast-food chatter, loud and almost never ending.

I had started making a few notes on the script and tinkering with some of the wording here and there and by the time I realized that my burritos and coffee were gone I looked at the script and it was almost done!

I never would have believed it if you’d told me this would happen!  For years I have *always* had a major problem trying to concentrate when there’s a lot of stuff, especially loud stuff, going on.  Yet here I was, sitting in one of the noisiest places in the entire county and I had managed to finish something that I’d been trying to get to for weeks!

Upon reflection, I think the reason this happened is because the noise level was made up of all those people having their own conversations at the same time.  since none of it had anything at all to do with me I was able to ignore it and concentrate on what I was trying to do.  There’s also the fact that I knew that it would not be possible for a phone to ring with somebody calling for me.

In any event, I expect that I’ll be making more stops there on mornings to come just to work on certain scripts.

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