Hamas member killed despite truce

January 30th, 2007 | Posted in News, Politics | Comments Off on Hamas member killed despite truce

When I read this story about a Hamas member getting gunned down a few
hours after a truce went into effect between them and their rival, Fatah
I couldn’t help wondering why anyone, Hamas least of all, would be
surprised by this.

This is one of the same groups that has not yet managed to keep a single
ceasefire, truce, or peace agreement of any kind with Israel. They might
make the agreement, but inevitably, they find an excuse to capture or
kill someone or blow something up.

I’ll agree that it’s a bad thing that their member was killed, but
honestly, i have to say that it’s only because I think that given Hamas’
beliefs and goals, this person probably did not have a saving
relationship with Jesus and is therefore now condemned for eternity. I
don’t wish that fate on anyone, not even the most vile.

member killed despite truce

A Hamas commander has been killed by gunmen in southern Gaza,
despite a ceasefire between the Palestinian militant group and its
rival, Fatah.

Hussein Shabasi, 28, was shot dead in Khan Younis hours after the
truce went into effect at 0300 (0100 GMT).

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