One of the things that I learned when I started getting into playing around with video (and more recently, rendering video from animated 3D models) is that the better the video quality and the higher the resolution, the larger the files are.  When I first got started my videos were initially done in 320 x 200 resolution with Windows Movie Maker.  It wasn’t long before I moved to 640 x 480 and the file size doubled.

Later, when I was first using the then new camcorder, I was doing everything in 720 x 480 resolution and the files grew larger again.  Then a little over a year ago I started using the HD capability of that camera and since then I have done all my videos in 1280 x 720 resolution and once again the file sizes grew considerably.  I have no doubt that some day I’ll find a better camcorder on sale and I’ll move to full 1080i HD video and the files will get even bigger still.

All of these increasingly large video files add up to an enormous amount of hard drive space in very short order.  As it is, between projects I’ve saved, completed videos and my growing collection of stock footage, sound files and graphics, I have over 66 GIGS of hard drive space devoted to video (that’s not counting the space required for the software being used.) and that amount is literally growing every day as I continue to make new videos.

While the 250gig drive on my desktop and the 360gig on my laptop are more than enough to hold this collection for a long time to come, there’s also the matter of making backups because I do NOT want to have to “start from scratch” after a catastrophic loss of some kind.  This is why I’ve been thinking seriously about a 1.5TB External Hard Drive.  It’s got enough space for several full drive images of both the desktop and the laptop hard drives and that means I’d be covered in the event something ugly happened.

Yeah, I could burn all that stuff to DVD’s, the problem is that would also mean creating some kind of an index so that I could find what disk something was on.  Much better to just have it all stored on some monster-huge hard drive because I know the directory structure I store this stuff in *very* well and don’t HAVE to look things up as long as it’s all on a single media large enough to hold all of it.

Besides, the line you hear these days about storage being “cheap” is more true than ever.  I remember way back in 1992 when hard drives would cost about $10 per megabyte of capacity and a 40mb disk was the best you could find.  This 1.5 terabyte drive actually goes for $94 and change … with Free shipping!  It’s amazing how times have changed isn’t it?

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