Houston er, Little Rock, we’ve got a problem here.  A little matter of the truth.

Arkansas Senate Passes
Grocery Tax Reduction

LITTLE ROCK (AP) – The Arkansas Senate today unanimously endorsed Governor Beebe’s
plan to halve the state’s sales tax on grocery purchases, voting 35-to-nothing for
the largest tax cut in state history.

In this story we see what looks like Governor Beebe getting credit for fulfilling a
campaign promise concerning the sales tax on groceries.  Of course, In the political
world very little is really what it looks like.

What we actually have is Governor Beebe having apparently forgotten all the talk
during his campaign that he wanted to ELIMINATE the grocery tax. 
That’s right, in I don’t know how many times I saw the ads and heard the arguing back
and forth about it between candidates, Mike Beebe himself, using his own mouth to say
"ELIMINATE grocery tax".

Of course, now that he’s been elected, He doesn’t have to say things that voters want
to hear until it’s time to start the campaign for re-election.

In the meantime, how ’bout it Mr. Beebe?  Would you care to start acting like a man
of your word and get back to using the phrase "ELIMINATE grocery
"? Or are you going to be just another politician who just said something to get elected that he never really meant to make good on?

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