Ok, I did NOT actually just strangle my neighbor, I did however think very seriously about it for a few seconds.  You see, he’s got this new part time job as an insurance salesman and of course, like any “good” salesman, he’s going around to put the bite on all of his neighbors, friends and family.  If he doesn’t slow down he’s not going to have anyone left in all three of those groups.

He just left my home office a few minutes ago.  He stopped in this afternoon to do his thing (apparently it was my turn as victim).  What does he start talking to me about?  life insurance quotes for senior citizens!  As if *I* were a “senior citizen”!  Hrmpth!  I’ll admit that I’ve been on this Earth for nearly 51 years now but by God that doesn’t make me a “senior citizen” by any stretch of the imagination!

I was so mad I let him have it both barrels.  I may not have done anything to him physically but I’ll be that it’s a long time before he tries to sell ME anything again!

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