My neighbor, the one who tried to interest me in geriatric insurance, has once again proven (as if I didn’t know already) that the old saying “Some people never learn” is still as true today as it was whenever it was first coined.

Today he actually had the nerve to come back.  This time he interrupted my work to tell me that he was sorry about the geriatric thing and to make up for it he could get me some cheap auto insurance quotes that he was certain would save me money on car insurance.

I paused a moment to restrain myself from putting his briefcase full of sales material in a warm dark place it was never meant to be in and then, with as much self control as I could muster, showed him to the door while informing him that I already had the best insurance policy in the area and that if he were to darken my doorstep again I could not be held responsible for the result.

I think I need to find a way to sic Mr. Helpful on him.  All I need do is come up with something that they guy needs “help” with and make a call.  If I find something good enough it should keep him busy for at least a week or so.

Maybe that will teach him.

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