I think that I may finally have seen everything (yeah, I know, every time I say that I get proven wrong fairly soon.).  Some scientists in Japan have been doing some interesting work with, of all things, butterflies.  And no, it isn’t something weird like studying their effect on Facebook postings or stock market prices.

They are studying exactly how it is that their wings work and have actually built an ornithopter that duplicates the way the wings of the swallowtail butterfly work.  While this science and the accompanying miniature flight system is still so young it needs a supply of
acnepril, it has shown that even though the creature’s wings are shaped in such a way that severely limits it’s ability to control them, it achieve a controlled flight with only a simple flapping motion.

That means that it’s not able to control the shape of the wings as it flies the way most winged animals do, altering their aerodynamic structure dynamically to fit the situation.  They simply flap and go.

Personally, I think the miniature ornithopter built to model it is the more facinating.  It does not look any bigger than a real butterfly but it’s a complete working mechanism.  I wonder what’s powering it?

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