Star Trek TOS Remastered!!

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I can not believe that I have only just found out about this in the last few days!  I have been a fan of Star Trek since 1966 when I watched the original series on it’s first run and since then I have always made it a point to at least keep track of what’s going on when it comes to things being done with Star Trek.  I’ve seen all of the movies and I knew about each one when they were in the “let’s talk about this idea” phase and the rumors were flying around at warp speed.

I’ve seen all of TNG and Enterprise, a fair amount of DS-9, and some Voyager (I’d have seen more but for a long time I didn’t live in an area where it was carried on broadcast tv) and yet this thing pops out of nowhere.  I mean, seriously, it’s already on sale in full sets for crying out loud!

So what’s so extra special about the Star Trek Original Series 3 Season Pack Remastered DVD set?  Well, the key word is “Remastered”.  The original footage was processed and all of the visual effects, especially the exterior shots in space and viewscreen images, have been completely redone with the kind of visual effects that Gene Roddenberry & company would have given assorted non-essential body parts to have access to but was not even possible in 1966.

I’ve found a brief “effects reel” type clip on YouTube that shows some excellent examples of what I’m talking about.  It features a collection of scenes from the second season episode, “The Doomsday Machine”.  These scenes tell me that this set is what the original Star Trek *SHOULD* have been if only the technology to do it had been available at the time.

Have a look at this video.  If you’re a fan of Original Series Trek then like me, you’re going to want this like you haven’t wanted anything in a long time.  Truly, this is an absolute GOTTA HAVE!

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