One of the things that I have always hated about every laptop & notebook computer I have seen for sale is the touchpad.  I’ve never had an easy time using one of them and on top of that, they are positioned right in front of the keyboard between it and me.  This may make for convenience when using it but it also makes for a lot of times while typing that I will inadvertently brush against it and send my cursor all over the place or worse, cause text to be selected and deleted or things to be clicked on that I don’t want clicked on.

Obviously the answer is to disable the touchpad and use a regular mouse.  There is, however, a problem with that as well.  Especially when using the computer away from home.  That problem would be the cord.  A corded mouse is reasonable to use in a desktop situation or a setup where the computer isn’t being carried around from place to place but when taking the computer with me it becomes a major pain.

Suddenly that cord is all too easily tangled up in things and it inevitably manages to either get tied in a knot or just be in the way of something.  I’ve even managed to spill a cup of coffee on many occasions just because a mouse cord got caught on the cup.

The best answer I’ve seen so far is to get something like this Rechargeable wireless Mouse.  It gives you the freedom of not having to mess with cords most of the time while not having to resort to the hated touchpad and when it’s batteries run down, you temporarily (like when you’re not using it) connect a cord from it to a USB port so that it can recharge.  Once charge up you pack away that one cord and get on with your business.

I just hope I can get one soon.  The cord problem is getting on my nerves something awful

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