I have been enjoying the new laptop a lot.  Not only is it so much more powerful than any other computer I have owned so far to date, I also love the fact that it’s portable.  That portability alone has saved me a lot of aggravation and allowed me to get some stuff done that I would otherwise not have been able to do because I was not home to do it.

There is, however, one down side that I have discovered recently and that would be the screen.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too small or hard to read at all.  The problem concerns what to do when that screen needs to be cleaned.

You see, my desktop machine’s screen is easy to clean.  I get out some glass cleaner and a soft rag and go at it just like I would clean glass windows.  However the laptop screen isn’t made of glass or anything that even comes close to glass in terms of how durable it is.

Just the lightest possible touch of the surface of the screen shows that doing so affects the image.  That surface is flexible and made of some type of plastic material.  Because of this, I am very hesitant to use a good strong glass cleaner on it because damaging it in any way is the LAST thing I want to do.

So I spent some time searching around for answers and came up with what should have been obvious, a Screen Cleaning Pad that’s made for use with laptop and notebook screens.  It’s able to clean the thing without damaging or scratching it.

And what’s more, I found it on sale for a mere six dollars.  I find that in particular to be amazing since normally I have found that things made for taking care of newer technology almost always end up having much higher price tags than their older technology counterparts.

Still, Knowing how things like that often work, I think I will lay in a larger than normal supply of them just in case I should suddenly find out that the manufacturer has decided that they are worth SO much more and changes the price accordingly.

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