The Amega Amwand is one of those classic snake oil remedies that is being sold to people who are desperate to relieve chronic pain.  There are all kinds of amazing claims being made about this thing.  That it can do everything from relieve pain to increase your energy level and even tighten and lift your face.

Unfortunately, it’s a scam.  This thing does not and in fact can not do the things people are claiming it can do.  The biggest claim this thing makes is that it uses “Zero Point Energy” to achieve all of these miraculous results.

The problem is that Zero Point Energy simply doesn’t work that way.  It has also NOT been harnessed by anyone, ever.  It is real, there has been theoretical work in quantum physics going back 100 years or more but that’s all it is, theory.

Please, if you’re thinking about spending hard earned money on this or ANYTHING that claims to use “Zero Point Energy”, watch this video FIRST and save yourself a lot of expense and disappointment!

There is also a review of the Amega Amwand that you should look at.  It was written by someone who tried it for two full months, using it as directed, that gives a report of the complete failure of it to live up to the claims made about it.

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