One of the big gripes that I have had about my camcorder is that, while it actually is a very good camcorder that my wife found on sale, it’s built in microphone is . . . well, to put it nicely, it is less than satisfactory.  To be perfectly blunt, it absolutely blows chunks.

You see, the camera was made for people that are using it for the purpose of recording birthdays, vacations, family gatherings and such.  Because of that, the microphone is located on the top of the camera instead of the front, and instead of pointing toward what you are making video of, it is pointed backwards toward the person operating the camera.  Apparently this is done so that it gets good sound when narrating what you’re shooting video of.

And of course, the camera does NOT have an input jack to plug in an external microphone.

Unfortunately, that is not how I use my camera.  I almost always have it mounted on a tripod and use it for shooting the video clips that I use in my Vlogs and also for shooting an assortment of sketches.

This makes the choice of microphone locations a BIG problem because the sound that I need it to record most is the sound that it does the worst job of recording.

I tried using my laptop’s webcam and microphone to both record a second angle and serve as an alternate source of sound but the laptop’s microphone is only good if you’re sitting right in front of the machine.  So, I decided to start looking around for a decent external microphone for it

I’ve checked out a lot of possibilities but I have come to the conclusion that this Logitech microphone is very likely going to be the best overall solution.

For one thing, it’s got the Logitech name, which I have known for years as a source of quality products.  For another, it’s got fantastic user reviews.  People using this mic have nothing but praise for how well it works.

Now all I need to do is get it!

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