It was late, the last rays of the setting sun flaring red in the sky.  We breached the door and rushed inside the warehouse.  I went directly for the stairway along the wall on the left.  I took the stairs three at a time, hoping to get there in time.  As I reached the top I knew that we were too late, they had escaped again.

As we searched the area, I spotted a dime on the landing at the top of the stairs sitting face up on top of a note.  I opened the note and confirmed what I already knew.  Unfolding the single page within revealed a single word handwritten in precise cursive script.  “Shhh”.

Looking around further I spotted a golden glint on another walkway.  I jumped over the railing and across the four foot gap to the other platform and found a single golden ring.  It was a plain, simple design with no markings inside or out other than one that meant it was made from 24 karat gold.  As I looked up, my partner signaled that he had found something and tossed me another ring.

This one appeared at first glance to be a simple high school class ring except for the fact that it too was made from 24 karat gold.  The only thing I knew for sure about what this all meant was that “the silent ones” had struck again.  A further search showed that while no equipment was missing, everybody working here was gone.

I heard the sound of the Stargate beginning to turn.  As we raced back down the stairs to the control room the sounds of the first two chevrons locking in could be heard.  The third chevron locked in just as I arrived in the control room.

That’s when everything was suddenly back at the beginning and happened all over again just as it just had.  This time, as the third chevron locked in place, I woke up.

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