Past Time For a New Camcorder

July 5th, 2010 | Posted in Wishlist | 2 Comments

Now that I have finally gotten the laptop that I have needed for at least the last two years, I have been giving a lot of consideration to what I should do as the next logical step toward putting together the home production facility that I’ve been wanting.  Something that will be lightyears better than what I’ve got now.

The answer is of course obvious.  Anyone can tell you that probably THE single most important part of any production facility, professional or home, is the camera.  While I do have a decent camera (at least in terms of amateur productions anyway) however it is very much a lower end model.  My wife got it on sale a couple of years ago. Because it’s a lower end model it is lacking most features that the more advanced (professional) models have and some of these are, in my opinion “must have” features.

The most important of which just has to be the ability to accept sound from an external microphone (or other source, depending on the situation).

One example of something that could easily be a good choice for the next camera would be this Panasonic HD Camcorder. The first thing I liked about it without even reading any of the specs on it was the fact that it has a straight body design instead of that thrice damned seven degree tilt that is built into the camera body that entirely too many “cheap” HD cameras have. This unit has a much more standard, professional look and feel to it. It’s very obviously made for doing more than shooting home video of your kid’s birthday parties or school plays.

It’s a feature packed unit that could easily be used to produce professional quality video in full 1080i High Definition. And yes, it sports that all important external microphone input along with it’s many other features.

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2 Responses to “Past Time For a New Camcorder”

  1. We used a friends camcorder years ago while on vacation and felt like we spent more time messing with the camera then we did enjoying the activity while on vacation.  After that we decided not to purchase a camcorder, so I wish you luck with yours.  Perhaps they’re easier now?  Anyway I like a small easy quick and shot digital to get pics but not interfer with whatever it is we’re doing.

    Now since you’re no longer a dofollow blog, I’ll remove you from the do follow blog list.  That’s how and why I found you.  As I visit blog’s who listed themselves to get the coverage; but don’t reciprocate as the dofollow blog lists intends, I remove them and suggest that other’s do the same.

    I do understand the frustration with a little extra spam.  I just delete what I get and continue to give links to those working for it.

  2. I’m sure I’ll manage with whatever camcorder I end up with, just as I’ll manage with the one I’ve already got.  Since I use mine for making videos I simply can’t make do with a “small easy quick and shot digital”.  Sooner or later I’ll need to upgrade to something that’s more suitable for use in a production studio situation.

    As for the dofollow thing.  I kept this blog in “dofollow mode” for several years, doing just as you stated, deleting spam. However I discovered two things.  1) over those years the amount of otherwise ok comments loaded with spammy links became more of a chore to deal with than I had interest or time to deal with.  2) I also noticed that once I removed dofollow and implemented a couple of other changes, this blog suddenly started regaining page rank and while that isn’t the most important thing, the resulting increase in visibility within Google has resulted in a definite increase in traffic which means it was the right thing to do.