Weight Loss In Nutjob Hills

July 9th, 2010 | Posted in Humor, Nutjob Hills | Comments Off on Weight Loss In Nutjob Hills

One of the locals here in Nutjob Hills has managed to come up with a rather unique and amazingly effective means of quick weight loss.  You see, he’d been gaining weight for a couple of years and was starting to get concerned about it and decided to lose weight so he went to his doctor and asked what he recommended.

The doctor suggested that he try a fairly new diet.  He told him to eat normal meals for two days, then skip a day and repeat this routine for two weeks and return to the doctor.  The doctor told him that he expected the man to lose at least five pounds.

When he returned to the doc’s office two weeks later the doctor was amazed with his results.  He had lose a whopping 60 pounds.

The doc asked if he’d followed the directions and the man insisted that he’d done exactly what the doctor had ordered.  His only complaint was that he felt like he was going to die on the third day of that three day routine.

The doctor assured him that there was no way he could die of hunger not eating one day in three.  The man corrected him saying that it was not the hunger that was the problem.

It was all that skipping.

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