I understand that in a way, the Chilean government believes that they
are doing a service by making this morning after pill available, but in
reality, it’s a lot more serious than that.

to Resume Contraception Handout

Chile’s Bachelet Government to Resume Free Distribution of
Morning-After Pill to Young Girls

You see, the problem with things like the free distribution of condoms
or "morning after pills" is that the only message you are sending is
"it’s ok to have all the sex you want, just don’t get pregnant unless
you want to." It’s another slip in morality.

Don’t get me wrong, contraceptives and so-called "morning after pills"
can have a use in cases of rape or incest and of course, a man and woman
who are married and not wanting to have children.  Although even then
they should prevent a child from being conceived rather than kill one
with an abortion and since these "morning after pills" are essentially
abortions, their use should be restricted to the most extreme cases of
need and not used just because a baby would inconvenience someone’s
lifestyle or job.

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