After a lot of delays in getting “Troll Wars – Episode 2” finished.  I have FINALLY been able to get the next video in that story completed!

Phat Trek Episode 1 – Phat Attack” is two things.  1, it’s the next part of the story, picking up where “Troll Wars – Episode 2” left off.  2, It is the beginning of a series of Star Trek parody videos that I hope will run for a long time.

Phat Trek Episode 1 – Phat Attack” is the beginning of the adventures of Tiberius T. Crane as he embarks on the mission as captain of the starship Enterprise as part of a dream sequence that began in “Troll Wars – Episode 1” and continued in “Troll Wars – Episode 2“.

His mission is one of self discovery and self mastery using the vehicle of stellar exploration and contact with alien life forms in a previously unexplored region of the galaxy.  The ship and crew are on their own, at the beginning they are far enough from home that contact with Starfleet command requires no less than three weeks to receive a response via subspace radio.

Aside from The Troll, only the captain, played by the primary personality from Troll Wars, is aware that this is a dream situation.

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