I’ve wondered for a long time why it is that most people seem to be in such a bleeding rush to get the latest version of whatever.  In the case of security fixes I understand.  However when it comes to OS “upgrades” such as XP to Vista or Seven, I really don’t understand the big rush.

My philosophy is “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” and that’s the approach I take to OS upgrades.  XP pro has worked form me since I first installed it.  Over the years I’ve gotten to know it and many of it’s little quirks fairly well and it easily does what I need it to.  Therefore I see zero reason to “upgrade” it to Vista OR Seven.  I’m going to stick with XP Pro for as long as it will do what I need it to.

Besides, I am entirely too busy with entirely too many irons in the fire right now to be able to take time to learn the ins, outs, and little quirks of a new OS.

There’s another advantage.  I know the specs on my laptop say that it’s capable of running Vista or Seven.  I also know that the specs for XP Pro are much lower requirements.  This means that a computer capable of running vista or seven should, and in my case has, perform especially well if it’s running XP.  It’s lower system requirements leave a LOT more resources for my video editing and animation applications.

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