One of the more “eccentric” people here in Nutjob Hills is Joey (not his real name).  Joey’s got a rather big problem on his mind.  Zombies.  He’s convinced that something needs to be done about the zombie population and he has spent most of the last year doing a considerable amount of research on the subject.  (Regardless of what you or I may think about the subject, Joey is dead serious and you will *NEVER* convince him zombies aren’t real so don’t try.)

His latest theory is that many people become zombies after their deaths because in life they didn’t get enough sleep.  Therefore he’s been spending a lot of time on sites like and others learning everything he can about every form of sleep aid that he can find.  His idea is to create some kind of a chemical cocktail out of a carefully selected group of sleep aids and use that both to treat existing zombies and as a preventative treatment for people who would otherwise become zombies.

He’s even gone so far as to acquire something of an arsenal of tranquilizer guns and darts that can be filled with his concoction when he finally completes it.

I’m just hoping that some alternate theory can be devised and presented to him in a way that he will accept it and try working on something that won’t have him end up darting people in a shopping mall someplace.

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