I had a second close call with getting new neighbors yesterday.  This time, instead of showing obvious signs of having several kids, this family showed clear indications that they’re very much into their entertainment.  Not only were they measuring walls to decide if they could fit their HDTV plasma screen in a good spot, they also had questions for the real estate agent about things that ranged from how much power could they draw from the electric service and would it be possible to get the service upgraded to higher amperage.  They also had several questions about local noise ordinances.

Honestly, hearing about that, I think I really dodged a bullet there.  The LAST thing I need is to have somebody move in that likes to shake the neighborhood with their stereo system!  I’ve had neighbors like that in the past and I’m not interested in more ever again.

Frankly, I think it’d be cool if the guy with the bologna sandwich habit were to move back in.  He may have been weird, always having a bologna sandwich in his pocket but at least he was quiet!

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