Just in case you’re thinking about dropping your current cell phone service and switching to “Straight Talk”, I would like to suggest that you reconsider.

It seems that when it comes to support, straight talk is about anything but.  You can read the whole story here to see the details however the short version is that when a phone that was supposed to have internet access was suddenly not able to do so, a series of calls to their tech support revealed several problems.

First and foremost was one of my own personal pet peeves.  The people on the other end of the phone aren’t even in this country.  They sound as if English is something they just started pretending to pick up last week.

Secondly, their help line provides no actual help at all.  Not only that but the tried and true method of asking to speak to a person’s supervisor when it became clear that they were not understanding the problem OR being even remotely helpful ran into a surprising result when one person claimed that they did not have a supervisor!

My thought is that unless they own the company, they’ve got a supervisor of some kind.  It kinda goes along with not owning the company.

Last I heard, the problem STILL hasn’t been resolved.  The latest BS being that they expect the old phone to be sent in and once they have it, they’ll eventually get around to sending out a replacement.

Even if you could trust that kind of arrangement (I wouldn’t), there is still the issue of being able to transfer everything that’s on the old phone to the new phone.  For some reason, this thing can’t.  Even though it has bluetooth capability, the only thing it’s able to transfer is the address book.  mp3’s and pictures stored on the phone all get lost and frankly, there’s no excuse for that.

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