I remember that we had been wanting a camcorder for a long time when, in the summer of 2008, my wife found a good one on sale and jumped at the deal.  She also bought an extra memory card for it and most importantly, a tripod.

That tripod has become quite an issue in the nearly two years since then.  You see, it was what I call an “El Cheapo” model.  An inexpensive (about $8 I think) light duty model that I seriously doubt was intended to be put to as much use as I have asked of it.

Over time it’s broken down, several of the locks that hold the legs in their extended position have broken and two of the legs have completely fallen off a couple of times.  I was able to reattach the legs and once I was able to fix the locks, however since the legs fell off I have had a really hard time getting the camera level.  I have had to resort to putting things under one or more of the legs to try and get it at least close to level.

I’ll admit that being completely level isn’t quite so important for vlogging but when it comes to more involved productions like my new Star Trek Parody series, I think it’s important to have the most professional look to my videos that I can manage.  It’s bad enough that I can’t afford to buy or make anything approaching proper costumes, the least I can do is have a level picture.

To that end I’ve been looking around for an affordable replacement tripod and I think that I may have finally found one in the Sunpak PicturesPlus 6060XL Tripod pictured above.

It has the advantage of an affordable price, good construction and it’s got some excellent reviews from people that have bought it.  Some day I’ll eventually get a higher end professional tripod but until then, this one should do nicely.

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