I have a missing irritant.  While normally this would be a good thing, Because I live in Nutjob Hills and this particular irritant has been pretty much right there almost constantly since he came here on vacation a little over a month ago that means it’s a problem.  Particularly since I know that he hasn’t done me the favor of leaving town forever.

Just the week before last he was trying to convince me that I needed a couple of DuraMax Colossus Metal Storage Sheds 50231 in my back yard in order to store the office files that I need to keep but don’t expect to use very much if at all.

Never mind that I told him no less than six times that I keep all of my files on my computer with backups on DVD that I keep in a safe deposit box.  This floon was trying to convince me to spend the time and effort to print them all out and then file them in boxes (which he’d be glad to sell me for an alleged discount) in the storage sheds that he would also be glad to sell me.

Now it’s been a while since I’ve even seen him, let alone heard from him, and I’m beginning to wonder what monster sales pitch he’s cooking up to throw at me next time.  Past experience tells me that the longer he goes without coming around to try again, the bigger the sales pitch is going to be.

At this rate I expect him to come in with a title deed for the Brooklyn Bridge.  Or maybe Florida.  Hey, anything is possible, this *IS* Nutjob Hills you know.

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