Here Comes Windows Vista — Like It or Not

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Comes Windows Vista — Like It or Not

Microsoft’s New Operating System Is Almost Here, and There’s
Nothing You Can Do About It

With the kind of fanfare and revelry usually reserved for summer
blockbuster movie premieres and rock tours, Microsoft has released the
consumer version of its new Windows operating system with an event in
Times Square starring Bill Gates himself.

The major reason is that after Jan. 30, when Vista is launched,
Windows-based PCs will increasingly come equipped with the Vista
operating system. So when you buy a new computer, you’d better be
prepared to learn how to use it.

Actually Billy boy, there is plenty that I can (and will!) do about it!

The first thing I will do is that I have no intention of buying Vista
and it’s DRM Plagued Bloat-ware. I will continue to use my current
version of windows for as long as it serves my purpose. When and if I
move to something else I will more than likely be moving to Debian
— A free operating system that frankly blows windows away in
many areas. One of which is that it is not saddled with DRM. it’s also
maintained a LOT better than windows is.

As for new machines coming with Vista. The solution there is easy, wipe
the hard drive and install the latest release of Debian Linux. I’ve
spent some time using Debian and I have to say that it’s actually quite
powerfull, loaded with features, and there are packages like Wine
that increasingly allow windows based programs to run in linux.

I just wish that more people were aware of free solutions like Debian
that are actually fairly easy to learn. Of course, in this the community
of Linux users needs to do some changing as well. Specifically they need
to lose the attitude of beligerant superiority and get more friendly
toward new users that haven’t a clue what they’re doing. There’s lots of
people who want to learn but are put off because they get attacked for
not knowing something or where to learn it.

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