Here’s some more classic tv (yeah, I’ve been busy watching a lot of it lately).  This one is “Lost in Space”, another of the many Irwin Allen productions that were so popular back in those days.

This one featured the “Space family Robinson”, along with the meddlesome and somewhat nefarious Dr. Zachary Smith and their robot.  They were originally launched into space on a mission to find habitable planets for Earth to colonize and ended up on a string of adventures that took them far beyond the reach of any bcbsnc plan (that I’m sure the craven Dr. Smith had a dozen of.)

In the course of their journeys, which started in September 1965 (though the show was set in 1997), they managed to get into all kinds of trouble (most of it caused by Dr. Smith) and travel all over the galaxy and even a few other dimensions.

Here’s a trivia bit, the pilot episode did not include Dr. Smith or the robot.  They were added in the second episode which basically started the story all over again.

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