This is another one of those things that has us Christians shaking our
heads and thinking that surely we must be in the last days.

Public officials, be it a Mayor, Governor or (ahem) President, need to
do more than simply perform the jobs that their office entail. They need
to life lives of example to the rest of the people. When the leaders of
our society won’t even live by the rules, how can they expect the rest
of the people to do so?

This person can apologise all he wants, it doesn’t change the fact that
committing adultery is wrong. It has always been wrong and it’s never
going to stop being wrong. I certainly hope that the people of San
Francisco will be sure to remind him of that fact when election day
comes around again.

Sorry for Affair With Aide’s Wife

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s campaign manager resigned after
learning that the mayor had had an affair with his wife, the San
Francisco Chronicle reported.

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