Mr. Pushy, the hard core salesman who is allegedly “on vacation” from his ultra high pressure job in Chicago has once again managed to find a sales angle that I would never have expected.

I found out about it yesterday when a neighbor from a couple streets over was telling me about Mr. Pushy’s most recent visit to his house.  You see, Pushy showed up while the neighbor was in the middle of trying to deal with a rather nasty leak that had developed in his kitchen sink.

Upon seeing this he told the hapless homeowner that he had “just the thing” and would be right back.  He returned ten minutes later with what *looked* like a box of brand new Moen kitchen faucets all ready to install.  He then actually rolled up his sleeves and helped the guy install a new set that he sold him for quite a bit less than they usually retail for.

I was at the guys house as he was telling me about this and I just had to have a look.  The faucets looked good enough and certainly worked.  Then I spotted it.  They weren’t actual Moen faucets. There was a small lowercase letter “i” at the end of the name.  Moeni, not Moen.  They’re knockoff lookalikes.

I told him about it and pointed out the “i” and he’s decided he is not going to worry about it as long as they work for as long as the warranty period.  If they do then he won’t have to think about them again until spring at least.  I decided not to bring up the fact that Mr. Pushy isn’t a licensed plumber

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