I call him “Mr. Pushy” because he is, without doubt, the single pushiest salesman I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.  He doesn’t understand any part of “No.” and won’t take that for an answer at all.  He came to town last spring, allegedly on vacation, from Chicago where he has this really high pressure sales job.  He has been heard several times admitting that he intends to make at least one sale to every resident of Nutjob Hills whether they need what they buy or not and in spite of their protests that they have no intention of buying whatever it is he’s selling that day.

In all this, I’ve always had my suspicions about Mr. Pushy and last night I got the first bit of confirmation.  I’ll grant that this is all third hand information and will need to be verified before it can be taken seriously but here it is.

Apparently Mr. Pushy is up for a big promotion back in his Chicago job.  He stands a chance to end up being the new lead trainer for new salesmen for his company.  The way that the company is deciding who gets this job is to have their best salespeople each go to a small town and make a sale to every resident of that town.  The one who gets closest to that goal and has the highest sales figures gets the job.

If this is true then we will be free of him and his pushy sales tactics by the first of October which is the deadline for this competition.

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