So many things have changed over the last 20 years. More and more things
either now have digital counterparts or have been replaced by the
digital version entirely. Is romance now on the list of things that
might be replaced by some pseudo-digital version of romance?

I don’t think so. It’s pretty hard to replace good old fashioned things
like meeting somebody in person (that’s ‘IRL’ for you chat room
junkies), discovering that you have things in common and over time,
decide that you just can’t live without that special someone. Of course,
there have always been various forms of matchmakers offering their
services, promising to hook you up with that special someone… for a
price. Their digital counterparts are no different.

That’s why places like
can be an alternative. According to the site’s FAQ, it is completely
free to sign up and the standard plan is going to stay free. There
is a tour people can take prior to signing up
. Once signed up there
are discussion forums
covering romance, dating and online-dating
and several other
subjects plus a lot of other features people can use to browse and
pursue online encounters.

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