It’s interesting, some of the odd sleep related habits we can develop.  For years I had a habit of getting up around 6:30 to 7:00 am every morning, frequently even when I didn’t have to.  For most of those same years I slept in essentially the same position every night.

One local guy has a rather involved routine.  He’s got a three bedroom house, even though he lives alone, and every night he sleeps in a different one.  I understand that he’s got a schedule that he keeps.  Using each bedroom in a particular order.  His reason?  He figures that doing it this way will insure that he doesn’t have to buy a mattress for at least the next twenty years or more.  The downside of this is that while he is spreading the wear and tear on his mattresses in such a way that will let them last far longer than normal, he’s gotten so hooked on this routine that now if for any reason he has to sleep anywhere but home, it takes him almost a month to get back to normal when he gets home.  It’s almost like missing a day in his routine is traumatic or something.

As the residents of Nutjob Hills go however, this guy is plain vanilla mild.  There’s another guy with a similar habit, the big difference is that every night he makes a dozen bologna sandwiches and lays them out in baggies on the cover next to him so that he can snack if he wakes up.

Whatever sandwiches he doesn’t eat through the night become part of his breakfast.  Along with the bologna and cheese omelet he has every morning.

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