I was working late researching fat burners for a client who wanted me to recommend something that would help them safely and quickly lose thirty pounds so that they’d be “in shape” for a really important corporate meeting (apparently they need to seriously impress their boss), when Mr. Helpful came knocking at my door.  I looked outside and seeing who it was, I bookmarked fatburners.org and shut down my computer because when Mr. Helpful shows up being all polite (not really characteristic of him), it means there’s something serious going on that’s going to take a while at the very least.

It was serious all right. Seems that some local high school kids, bored and looking for that all elusive “good time”, decided to go out to “the haunted mansion” and check out the somewhat mysterious new resident who bought the old place a couple of weeks ago.

The problem is, that just like in the movies, kids like this are *always* a big hairy load of trouble and will inevitably manage to bite off more than they can chew or get themselves and others into a crapload of trouble.

We drove out to the old place which had been fixed up quite a bit in the time between it’s being bought online and the arrival of the new owner at night a couple weeks ago in a huge black limousine with blacked out windows and a couple of large boxes in luggage racks on the roof.

As we drew near the place we finally saw the kids we were looking for.  It took only one look to see that they were definitely no longer interested in screwing around with the new folks for a few laughs.  They were speeding away from the place.  Apparently they had been in such a big hurry to get out of there that they forgot one of their group because we found him about a long country block later, running in the road, yelling for his friends.

The kid was flat out stark raving terrified.  We couldn’t get him to make any sense at all.  All he said was something about a “monster” that was going to kill him and that he had to get out of there fast.  We ended up taking him to the local medical center because he was torn up pretty bad from apparently having fallen on the road a few times because he was literally tripping over himself trying to get away.

We never did get any kind of explanation of just what he was afraid of.  Later on Mr. Helpful and I are going to drive out there and talk to the new owner and see if he can shed some light on this.

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