Kevin (not his real name) is one of the many residents of Nutjob Hills that at first, or even second, glance most people would consider him to be an actually normal person in spite of where he lives.  They’d be wrong.

You see Kevin has an unusual kind of problem.  He very rarely sleeps.  By day he’s an ordinary guy going about his life.  He works in an office in town, has a family, mows his lawn and so on.  What most people don’t know is that bit about not sleeping much.  Oh he’s tried all sorts of sleep aids but still he’s wide awake most of the time.  By that I mean MOST of the time. You see, Keven gets about eight hours of sleep every five or six weeks.

That’s right.  I said eight hours of sleep every four or five weeks.

No, he’s not a walking zombie most of the time, his doctor has found no explanation for it and every attempted solution has failed totally.

And so, when the rest of the world goes to sleep, Keven gets to essentially have a second life in which he spends a lot of time reading, watching TV & movies or working on some project or another.  He’s always up to date on the news and local happenings and he hasn’t missed a tv show or movie that he’s wanted to see in years.

After four to five weeks of this he starts to get tired.  Goes to sleep.  Eight hours later (yes, exactly eight hours, it’s been timed more than once) he’s up and ready to go at it for the next month or so.

And you thought you had insomnia!

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