Vinny (not his real name) is and interesting example of a somewhat typical resident of Nutjob Hills.  He’s known all over town as the ultimate pill freak.  Vinny’s been known (as in seen doing it in public at restaurants or on lunch break at work) to take as many as thirty different pills at one time.  It’s safe to say that the man takes more pills in one week than most people will in their entire lives.

Also, he’s not above finding uses for a pill that it wasn’t originally intended for.  One time I heard that he made a concoction of several assorted vitamin pills for a friend of his.  He took three differnt kinds of diet pills, a wide variety of mineral supplements and make his own “mega pill”.  He put them into a blender and ground them to a fine powder.  Then he pressed that powder into pill form.  From what I’ve heard his friend has since recovered from a very serious illness and is doing fine.

By the way, before you get the wrong idea, I’m not talking about illegal drugs and all of that ugliness.  Vinny’s just extremely fixated on finding and using all manner of supplements (most of which come in pill form) to handle every possible health and dietary need that comes along.  If you’ve got a problem, odds are good that Vinny can give you a list of supplements that will help at least a little.

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