Strangely enough, the popcorn cure doesn’t have anything to do with curing an addiction to popcorn.  Rather it’s one man’s hot buttered delusion of a cure for his eczema problem.

You see, this guy became one of Nutjob Hill’s resident “mad scientist dedicated to solving a personal problem” types (a fairly large group around here).  His big problem is that he has had a really bad case of facial eczema for years.  He has tried all kinds of cures.  Both prescriptions and home remedies and has had no success in dealing with it.

Now he claims to have found a cure, although I have some doubts as to how effective or permanent it actually is.  His claim (as yet unverified, not that I think it ever will be) is that all he needs to do is stop by the local movie theater and get a large tub of hot buttered popcorn with extra butter, take it home and run it through a food processor until it’s reduced to a buttery popcorn paste and then massage it into his scalp.

Somehow, I can’t see this working as well as he claims.

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