Y’know how sometimes things turn out to be more trouble than their worth?  Well going to the store the other day was like that.

First off, I didn’t even want to go in the first place, then by the time I got back I was too tired and disgusted to even get out the barcode scanner and do my thing for the Neilsen survey, let alone much of anything else.

The “fun” started when I was halfway down the driveway.  There was a grinding noise coming from the power steering unit.  I stopped and checked.  The fluid that had not changed in level for over two years was all but gone.  Somehow, between parking the car last Monday and starting it to leave on Friday afternoon, It suddenly developed a severe leak.  That trip to the grocery store that day took nearly a whole quart of power steering fluid.

My brother reminded me that type F transmission fluid is essentially the same thing and next time I go out I’m going to be buying 5 or 6 quarts of the stuff.  I’ll also be limiting how much I use the car.

Somebody’s going to make the obvious suggestion that I just take it to the shop and have it fixed.  I’ll be glad to as soon as somebody sends me the money to do it with.

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